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Event Recap: startup grind - Fireside Chat with Huan Ho (Workday) 5 Years Journey

A special thanks to startupgrind - Richmond Chapter for hosting their monthly event at iSpace Event Venue.

Event Name: Huan Ho (Workday) Serial Technical Founder's 5 Years Journey from Startup to Acquisition by Workday

Date: October 29th 2019

Host: startupgrind - Richmond Chapter

Speaker: Huan Ho (Workday)

The event was hosted on October 29th, and it was very inspirational. The event was about Huan Ho sharing his experiences of how he went from working corporate jobs to starting his own business, and how his startup got acquired by Workday.

The event host startup grind - Richmond Chapter really went out of their way to organize the event. The presenter Daniel did a good job at leading the conversation, and letting Huan talk about both his life and work stories that really inspired us.

Huan is from Alberta, Canada, and he graduated from University of Alberta major in Computer Science. After graduation, he pursued a corporate career in energy companies, and moved to Chicago, IL for a better career development. In 2013, Huan said goodbye to the corporate world and moved to San Francisco, where he started Rallyteam, an internal platform that enables business to better understand and match employees to relevant jobs and projects.

Huan said that he was very determined on making a change to his career, and even the world by creating something new. After he moved to San Francisco by himself, he would code from 9 to 5, and go to networking events later on every single day. Persistence makes a man. Eventually, Rallyteam raised US$8.6 million in 2017 and was acquired by Workday in 2018, where he is leading a superstar engineering team to build products that are transforming the future of work.

The event was very successful. Huan made us realize that it takes more than a will or an idea to start a new business. It's the actual work that you put in, and how you would make that idea into reality that differentiates businesses.

The event was an excellent platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs to learn more from successful people, and build connections. Richmond businesses are craving for more events like this where the most energetic souls could gather and make a change. Contact iSpace Coworking if you are a start-up or entrepreneur looking for more opportunities and connections.


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