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Event Recap: Funding 101 and Free Money by City of Richmond Economic Development Department

A special thanks to the City of Richmond and its Economic Development Office and Spring Activators for for organizing and hosting this amazing event.

Event Name: Funding 101 and Free Money

Date: December 4th 2019

Host: City of Richmond Economic Development Department

Speaker: Melanie Rupp, Women's Enterprise Centre;

Vivian Xu, BDC

Stephanie Sang, Granted

Vivian McCormick & Keith Ippel, Spring Activator

The City of Richmond Economic Development Office is focusing on helping local business to start and grow. Hence they started The Future of Richmond: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop Series to share knowledge and experiences to start-ups and help them grow from 0-1.

This Series will connect entrepreneurs with information, access to resources and support to help with common challenges for startups, including raising capital, commercialization and going to market, and legal and accounting strategies for startup through growth stage. It is also designed to engage key stakeholders in the development of a more robust startup ecosystem in Richmond, and includes a workshop on the role that logistics and innovative workspaces will play.

The event planner Spring Activator thoughtfully organized the event and prepared delicious catering. Over 40 people showed up at the event, and everybody was excited to know each other who are having the same problems and struggles as entrepreneurs.

In this event, the speakers talked about how start-ups and entrepreneurs can access low-cost funding. It included a basic introduction to raising capital for businesses in early stages such as equity and non-dilutive sources such as government grants and loans.

The Speakers shared in-depth understanding of what types of funding are there, how the business can access them and what criteria should the business have. It's very difficult for entrepreneurs and start-ups to survive without the correct understanding of business financing and budgeting.

The event was very helpful to local start-ups and entrepreneurs. A lot of people stayed and connected with the speakers from different institutions that could potentially help the local businesses.

The event increased awareness to local entrepreneurs that the City cares about the local business and they are more than willing to help. For the next two events in this Series, more interesting and useful topics will be discussed, and it would be a great opportunity to connect with the City's Economic Development Office and the speakers from different financial institutions. Stay tuned to their website for more updates.


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