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Event Recap: Corporate Structuring for Future Business Development

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

A special thanks to Steven Liu from Collingwood Law Office, Quantasphere Solutions and Faebrew Coffee Lab for sponsoring the event.

Event Name: Corporate Structuring fur Future Business Development

Date: November 13th 2019

Host: Entrepreneurial Elites of British Columbia

Speaker: Steven Liu

Entrepreneurial Elites of British Columbia (EEBC) is a social club dedicated to provide knowledge and experiences to help start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow from 0 to 1. EEBC hosts events/seminars on a regular basis with interesting topics about corporate law, accounting, financing, marketing and human resources.

On November 13th, EEBC hosted their first event at iSpace Coworking featuring Steven Liu from Collingwood Law Office sharing his expertise in Corporate and Business Law. The event was about the basics of Corporate Law, and how to structure corporate share structure to ones advantage.

The event was prepared effortlessly by iSpace Team. They prepared nice food and refreshments, and made the organized the event space.

Our community partner Vincent from Faebrew Coffee Lab also participated in the event, and shared with us his special handmade coffee.

There were over 40 people from different industries attended the event. It's always a joy to host events like this as we get to see professionals from different industries building connections with each other. They can learn more about how to grow businesses and explore more opportunities at the same time.

As many event participants provided in the feedbacks, they think that the speaker Steven is very professional, and they would love to learn more about corporate law as it's such an essential part of starting a business.